Nancy on Education

As the mother to three school-aged children, investment in our excellent schools (top 10 in the State!) and in our students (a RLHS grad was just awarded the Nobel Prize in science inspiring) is a priority for me. I believe it is our moral obligation to provide every child a high-quality education in a safe, clean, and healthy environment.  


I would like to work closely with the new Superintendent of Schools and the Board of Education to ensure equity between the high schools, for example, incorporating the beloved internship program that has achieved success at Ludlow into the curriculum at Warde. With a new District Improvement Plan being created in 2020, I look forward to being a productive and proactive supporter in the development and execution of the new District Improvement Plan as well as the Board of Education's updated facilities' waterfall chart.


As the Democratic representative to the RTM from District 1, I am proud to have voted in favor of the teachers' and administrators' contracts. They are the greatest input into our educational system and all data support teacher-quality as being the most important variable driving student performance. I also supported the Mill Hill renovation plan; although I would have preferred to vote for a 504 capacity building as Southport has the highest birthrate in town, Sherman is overcrowded, and Riverfield is at capacity. Our elementary schools on the west side of town needed the additional space that a 504 at Mill Hill would have provided. Instead, the Board of Finance and Board of Selectman voted to invest $22 million to make Mill Hill smaller than it is today ... which may lead to additional investment in the future:  penny-wise, pound foolish

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