Fill Pile Issues

This is personal.

I’m mom to 3 children who have all grown up playing sports on our town fields, in our parks and on our school playgrounds. I’m a homeowner and a taxpayer. I, too, have been feeling scared, mad, outraged, confused, disheartened, frustrated and concerned about the pile (and related issues) and any potential impact it may have on our children’s health and the overall well-being of our town.

I’ve so far been silent because much of what I’m feeling has been expressed by people on both sides of the political aisle.

However, the circus that is now so viciously swirling around this issue seriously undermines our collective ability to recover from it. The political feeding frenzy that has ensued on-line needlessly preys on people’s fears and anxieties and further exacerbates the breach of public trust for all leadership across party lines.

This serves no one.

We do need to more fully understand what happened so we can hold the responsible parties accountable.

We have an opportunity to learn from our mistakes and avoid making them moving forward. Only then, once we have a full accounting of what happened, can we ensure that this public health and safety violation and breach of public trust will never happen again.

Anyone in a position of leadership in this town who is not taking an active role in solving the issues, is only making the problem worse.

As residents, we have the right to ask tough questions of all our leaders, as well as demand and expect honest answers from them. We should also expect our leaders to be able to come together to propose and enact sensible solutions with one goal in mind: the health, safety and well-being of our children and our community.

This is not a time to wallow in partisan rhetoric and political division; this is the time for all of us to come together.

If we can do that, we all win.

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