Nancy on Taxes

I'm a taxpayer and a homeowner and I work full time as a Senior Executive of a major media company. I believe our government has an obligation to invest our hard-earned dollars thoughtfully and responsibly. I'm proud that the majority of every dollar we invest goes to our excellent schools and to support teachers and administrators. Our investment in education is the legacy our generation leaves to the next.


I'm a proponent of the smart, strategic, sustainable growth of our commercial grand list which directly correlates to our ability as a town to lower taxes.   We can foster business and the development of multi-use buildings near Fairfield Metro. We should explore expanding the buildings up a level along Black Rock Turnpike's commercial stretch to potentially double the commercial tax base there without impacting our commercial zoning footprint. Let's work collaboratively with the Planning and Zoning Department to find ways to expand growth that are in keeping with the character of our town.


The taxes we pay are a fee for services rendered. That is, a commercial transaction wherein our investment comes back to us in the form of the critical services inherent to the effective functioning of a town. This investment (the taxes we pay) in our town preserves and adds value, as well as enhances our quality of life here.

Managing a budget effectively and determining what reductions in services or employees takes vision, planning and a strategic approach. We could dip into contingency funds and kick the proverbial can down the road, but that's a band-aid that doesn't address core issues and typically costs us more in the end. 


I promise to show bold leadership and the political will to make challenging decisions that represent the most thoughtful and responsible use of your hard-earned money for the betterment of our community. 

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